Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi Head 2016 Toho "Godzilla" Film

Oricon feature details journey to 2016 Japanese Godzilla film

The Oricon online entertainment portal has published a new feature on the forthcoming 2016 Godzilla film being prduced by Toho after the most recent Hollywood Godzilla movie released last year.


Toho Godzilla

Key details to take away from the feature center on the timeline of the film's production, which began shortly after Hideaki Anno completed work on Eva 3.0 and admitted that he fell into another depression as a result. After the first offer was made for him to work on the new Godzilla film in January 2013, and initially refused due to his mental state, he chose to accept the film project after seeing that longtime friend and collaborator Shinji Iguchi was involved.

Anno Higuchi

He then accepted the film project in March 2013 with Higuchi and they settled on a theme in May and presented a draft of the plot to Toho in June of 2013. Anno subsequently came up with the idea for the Animator Expo in November 2013, then went back to Khara in early 2014 to work on that project. He said it was necessary to work on something besides Eva to begin again. Anno is the Chief Director/Writer of the film while Higuchi is the secondary director and main special effects director.  

Godzilla Toho foot

TOHO also unveiled a new image of the foot of the new Godzilla with the feature. According to additional details in Cinema Today, the foot is representative of TOHO's new Godzilla being the tallest monster yet, towering over the 108-meter-tall monster in last year's Godzilla film. TOHO's new Godzilla film is set in Japan and Anno is currently writing the new Godzilla film's screenplay, with filming set to begin this Fall. TOHO is set to release the film in Japanese theaters next Summer.


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