"The Next Generation - Patlabor" Poster Prank

Headgear releases April Fool's Day gag poster for "The Final Battle in the Capital"


Japan can't resist April Fool's Day jokes, and Headgear, the studio responsible for the venerable Patlabor series, is no exception. As a gag, they released a version of the movie poster for The Next Geneartion – Patlabor: The Final Battle in the Capital with the AV-98 Ingram mechs replaced by Roboko.



For those that are not familiar, Roboko is the signature giant bipedal robot mascot of Tokyo's wild Robot Restaurant, an establishment that combines music, dance, burlesque, and – of course – tons of terrifying robots in their stage shows.



By way of comparison, here is the original poster.


Honestly, given Special Vehicles Section 2's track record, they might do better piloting Roboko into battle.


The Next Generation – Patlabor: The Final Battle in the Capital hits Japanese theaters on May 01, 2015.


Source: Cinema Today


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