Unemployed Man Arrested for Uploading "Liar Game" Manga

One of the crackdown in mid-February

On March 23, Chiba Prefectural Police's Cyber Crime Division and its Togane station arrested a 36-year-old unemployed man from Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, on suspicion of copyright infringement (infringement of public transmission rights).


The man is accused of using the file-sharing software Share to upload the 197th episode of Shinobu Kaitani's manga series Liar Game to the internet without the permission of the copyright holders (Kaitani and the publisher Shueisha) on January 19. The case was referred to the Youkaichibashi branch of the Chiba Public Prosecutors Office on the following day. According to the police, he is suspected to have posted tens of thousands of manga and anime files illegally to the net. This is one of the wholesale arrest conducted by Japanese police in mid-February.



As reported many times, no matter whether it is for profit or non-profit purposes, posting copyrighted

materials (anime, films, TV programs, music, pages from magazines - especially before its official release

day) onto the internet without copyright holder's permission is illegal in Japan. The criminal act can result

in a 10-year jail sentence or a fine of 10 million yen (about 84,000 US dollars) in the worst case.



Source: ACCS


Liar Game image © Shinobu Kaitani/Shueisha



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