Skynet Conquers Website Takes Reservations for Robots

Japanese online retailer to offer numerous brands of "smart robots" for home use

Pepper opened the floodgates, and now there's a deluge of upcoming “smart robots” for home use being developed in Japan. More terrifying yet, popular Japanese online retailer announced on April 01, 2015, that they will begin taking pre-orders for several different novelty robots, making it easier than ever for the metal fiends to conquer Earth.



Palmi is a companion robot that can learn and converse with its owner. It can apparently report the news, comment on the weather forecast, and sing songs as well. It is not to be trusted. Palmi retails for 321,840 yen ($2685 US).



Plen D. is an entry-level robot that can be remote-controlled via tablets and smart phones. It boasts about being easy to assemble, with no special tools or knowledge required to put it together. But why would you want to put it together, if it will inevitably tear your family apart? Plen D. costs 181440 yen ($1514 US).



Robi is perhaps the most insidious of the batch, in that it can not only sing, dance, and carry on conversations, but it can also ruthlessly seize control of your television remote. It's able to change channels, adjust the volume, and turn the TV on and off, thus ensuring complete domination of your entertainment time with pro-robot propaganda. Robi retails for 213840 yen ($1784 US).


Other robots that will be available through are BOCCO, a walkie-talkie like robot designed to help you spy on your children and Premaid AI, a dancing robot designed to infect you with disco fever.




In addition, is planning a “touch and try” live-event on April 05, 2015, at the LaLaPort TOKYO-BAY shopping mall. (Clearly a ploy to lull us into a false sense of security, so that we will welcome the robots into our homes.)


You can find out more about the robots' plans for world domination at the official DMM home page here.




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