CoCo Ichibanya Begins Special Collaboration for 'Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F'

Fill your tummy at CoCo Ichibanya and maybe win some swag!

Dragon Ball is filled with some of the hungriest characters in anime, and lead Goku can really put the food away. That's why it makes perfect sense that CoCo Ichibanya, Japan's biggest restaurant chain serving up delicious curry, is collaborating with Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' for a special treat!


Customers who go to a CoCo Ichibanya restaurant and spend 1,000 yen can use their receipts to enter a special lottery to win Dragon Ball Z goods, including six badges, a box to collect them in, and a free drink coupon. but that's not all. The larger prizes being given out include a special large plate depicting Goku chowing down on curry, a special tapestry of Goku teleporting, a towel, a glass set, and even meal vouchers for CoCo Ichibanya food.


The initiative is going on now, so if you've got a hankering for curry and you happen to love DBZ, you might want to get on over to CoCo Ichibanya! See if you can use Instant Transmission to get there, too.


[via Tokyo Otaku Mode]


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