Gakken "History of the World" Manga Begins Digital Distribution

Educational manga series features famous historical figures, events from all over the globe


The world of manga isn't all robots and ninja and reverse-harem romantic comedy. It can also be a powerful educational tool for Japanese youth in subjects like mathematics, economics, and world history.



One such educational manga is Gakken's History of the World series, which uses entertaining comic books to teach children about important historical figures and events from all sorts of places and time periods.



Now the History of the World manga will be available for digital distribution through such online outlets as the Amazon Kindle Store, Gakken Book Beyond, and the Rakuten Kobo eBook store.


To celebrate these electronic releases, for a limited time, the first three books in the series – dealing with ancient Egypt, ancient Greece and the Persian Empire, and Hellenistic Greece and Alexander the Great, respectively - will be available for the reduced cost of 200 yen ($1.66 US) rather than the normal price of 500 yen ($4.16 US).




Paul Chapman is the host of The Greatest Movie EVER! Podcast and GME! Anime Fun Time.

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