Yen Press Adds Manga Licenses Including "Yowapeda," "Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun" and "Servant x Service"

"Servant x Service" included in a list of digital-only plans

North American manga publisher Yen Press had an extensive list of manga licenses to announce at this weekend's Sakura Con, highlighted by Izumi Tsubaki's Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun and Wataru Watanabe's Yowamushi Pedal, the latter of which will be released in two-in-one omnibus editions. 



Other new licenses include:


Aldnoah.Zero Season One by Olympus Knights and Pinakes - a 2014, three-volume ongoing from Manga Time Kirara Forward.



Akira Hagio's Sakura no Himegoto. A two-volume 2011 shoujo from LaLa about the daughter of a distinguished family acting as the "pet" of a rebellious peer due to her grandfather's debts.


Tsuyoshi Watanabe's Dragons Rioting. a 2012, five-volume ongoing from Dragon Age about a martial artist with "Hentai Syndrome," which could result in his death if he is sexually aroused.


Digital-only only plans cover titles...


Karino Takatsu's Servant x Service. A four-volume government office workplace 4-panel, adapted into anime.


Satsuki Yoshino's 2013 Barakamon spin-off Handa-kun. The 2013 three-volume ongoing from Shounen Gangan follows a cool and admired high-school calligrapher who thinks his whole school hates him.


Higasa Akai's The Royal Tutor (aka Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine). The three-volume ongoing, historical comedy runs in GFantasy. 

Hanjiro Tsukioka and Hikaru Tanaka's Scarlet Empire, A 2013 three-volume, ongoing Bakumatsu era historical action fantasy from GFantasy.



Dan Ichikawa's Shut-In Shoutarou Kominami Takes on the World. A 2013 three-volume series from Big Gangan.


Today’s Kerberos by Ato Sakurai. A 2013 three-volume ongoing relationship comedy from Shounen Gangan, about a traumatized boy whose father brings home a box containing a strange girls with three personalities. 


Unknown by Tsumuji Yoshimura. A 2013 four-volume action fantasy about a pair of "wisemen" traveling to ensure that "wisdoms: don't fall into the wrong hands."


When a Magician’s Pupil Smiles (Mahou Tsukai no Deshi ga Warau Toki.) by Chisaki Kanai. A 2013 three-volume series from Shounen Gangan about a boy without feeling who must track down an important person to gain emotions.


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