Too Many Mascots? Article Profiles the Plight of Yuru-Kyara

In the wake of stiff competition and public scrutiny, some mascots get the ax


Japan is no stranger to cute and bizarre mascot characters. Called “yuru-kyara” (literally “laid-back characters”), there are Japanese mascots – often portrayed in elaborate costumes – for all sorts of occasions.



Some advertise businesses, some drum up interest for public events, some even represent local municipalities or government services. There's even an annual Yuru-Kyara Grand Prix, in which mascots compete in public elections to see who is the most popular.



Alas, it's a hard knock life for mascots, as intense competition and increased public scrutiny in which tax-payers question “why are we paying for this, anyway?” can result in mascots getting canned or consolidated. A new article by Shingo Ito profiles this phenomenon.


You can read the full article here.


Source: via Yahoo! News


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