"Fate/Labyrinth" Spin-Off Story Launches

Manaka Sajyou meets an (apparently) familiar Saber

Kinoko Nasu's original plans for Fate/Stay Night, featuring a girl with glasses as the protagonist and a male Saber, have been adapted and expanded in what's been named Fate/Prototype. Hikaru Sakurai has been working on a series of prequel light novels called Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Blue and Silver, and while this is on break between its third and fourth parts, she has launched a spin-off titled Fate/Labyrinth in April 10th's new issue of Comptiq magazine.


In three-part Fate/Labyrinth, Manaka Sajyou, prototype for Illyasviel von Einzbern, older sister of Prototype's heroine, and former master of the male Saber enters the alternate world where she possesses the body of a master who has summoned an (apparently) familiar female Saber. There she must participate in a variant Holy Grail War where four servant/master pairs race to the bottom of a labyrinth. 



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