VIDEO: Voice Cast for Mamoru Hosoda's New Film "The Boy and The Beast" Announced

Toho-distributed film will be released on July 11

A 90-second trailer and a 30-second second teaser for acclaimed director Mamoru Hosoda's new anime feature Bakemono no Ko/The Boy and The Beast have been posted, announcing its main voice cast. It is his first film in three years since Wolf Children in 2012, which earned a massive 4.2 billion yen in the Japanese box office.


The film, based on Hosoda's own original story and screenplay, is set in a human world Shibuya and a bakemono (beasts) world called Jutengai. 29-year-old actress Aoi Miyazaki plays the childhood of a human boy Kyuta, who strays into Jutengai and encounters Kumatetsu, a bear-like swordsman voiced by 59-year-old awards-winning actor Kouji Yakusho, then becomes his apprentice. Meanwhile, 22-year-old Shouta Sometani voices the adolescence of the character. Both Miyazaki and Sometani previously joined Hosoda's last film Wolf Children as voice cast.


The highly anticipated film is slated for a release in Japan on July 11, 2015. French film studio Gaumont

is managing international distribution except Asia. It is scheduled to be screened (at least) in France, the US,

the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Korea.






2nd teaser



Announced voice cast:


Kumatestu: Kouji Yakusho

Kyuta (childhood): Aoi Miyazaki

Kyuta (adolescence): Shouta Sometani

Kaede: Suzu Hirose

Soushi: Masahiko Tsugawa

Hyakusubou: Lily Franky

Tatara: Yo Oizumi

Iouzan: Kazuhiro Yamaji

Ichirohiko (childhood): Haru Kuroki

Ichirohiko (adolescence): Mamoru Miyano

Jiromaru (childhood): Momoka Ouno

Kiromaru (adolescence): Kappei Yamaguchi

Kyuta's father: Keishi Nagatsuka

Kyuta's mother: Kumiko Asou

Chiko: Sumire Morohoshi






1st teaser



Poster visual


Source: Eiga. com


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