EXILE NAOTO Makes Voice Actor Debut in New "Ghost in The Shell" Film

The all-new prequel film hits theaters June 20

It is confirmed that 31-year-old performer (dancer) of 19-member dance/vocal unit EXILE and the leader of seven-member group Sandaime J Soul Brothers, NAOTO makes his voice actor debut in the upcoming feature film Koukaku Kidoutai: Shin Gekijyou-ban (Ghost in the Shell: New Movie Edition). While performing for many TV dramas and stage plays, he has no voice acting experience.


He voices a new character for the film, the prime minister's chief of staff Osamu Fujimoto, who supports his father who is prime minister. He gives an authority for special duty to Motoko Kusanagi, then contributes to establish Public Security Section 9.


The all-new prequel film to tell Motoko's past and the origin of Public Security Section 9 will open at 105 theaters across Japan on June 20.






Sandaime J Soul Brothers' latest PV "STORM RIDERS feat.SLASH"



"Ghost in the Shell: New Movie Edition" latest PV


Latest key visual



Main staff:

Original story: Masamune Shirow

Chief director/character design: Kazuchika Kise (Ghost in the Shell Arise)

Screenplay: Tow Ubukata (Fafner in the Azure, Ghost in the Shell Arise)

Music: Cornelius

Director: Kazuya Nomura (Sengoku Basara, ROBOTICS;NOTES)

Chief animation director: Toru Ohkubo (Sengoku Basara)


Anime production: Production I.G

Production: "Koukaku Kidoutai: Shin Gekijyou-ban" Production Committee

Distributor: Toho



via: Eiga.com


© Masamune Shirow, Production I.G/Kodansha, "Koukaku Kidoutai: Shin Gekijyou-ban" Production Committee




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