"Ripe Boyfriend Cultivation Set" Makes Home-Gardening Sexy

Seed kits feature plants anthropomorphized as handsome young men


Okay, I thought the “Gum Kare!” and “Kaiji-no-Yu” campaigns were bit strange, but this one's even weirder. A new series of home-gardening kits, known as the “Ripe Boyfriend Cultivation Set”, is designed to encourage people to explore the joys of raising crops by re-imagining various plants as sexy boyfriends.


The line of seed kits include:



Cherry Tomato.






Baby Carrot.






Habanero Pepper.






The idea is that you're supposed to nurture the crops as you would nurture a relationship with a sexy, sensitive guy. In a sense, the plants become your boyfriend.


Then, when he is ripe, you devour your boyfriend. Or chop him up and add him to a stew.



This took a surprisingly dark turn.


The Ripe Boyfriend Cultivation Set kits sell for 900 yen ($7.58 US) and are available through online retailers.


Source: Otajo.jp


Paul Chapman is the host of The Greatest Movie EVER! Podcast and GME! Anime Fun Time.

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