"FLCL" and "Rebuild of Evangelion" Director Helms Next Animator Expo Short

“I can Friday by day!” debuts Friday April 24th

The Japan Animator Expo showcase of shorts presented by Dwango and Evangelion creator Hideaki Anno's Studio Khara has announced that its 19th will be from FLCL, Gunbuster 2 and Rebuild of Evangelion director Kazuya Tsurumaki, with Hajime Ueda (FLCL manga, Monogatari art) on planning and Sushio (Kill La Kill) as animation character designer and animation director.



About the episode 19 “I can Friday by day!”

Director,Storyboard: Kazuya Tsurumaki
Planning: Hajime Ueda
Character Design: Take
Animation Character Design,Animation Director: Sushio
Mechanic Design: Toshiaki Ihara

A diary. Purikura stickers. Blue-white 3rd Planet Administration Treaty Army. 7:00 am. Triangle situation. Camouflage pattern. The secret toasted bread. 1088th Independent Mobile Platoon. SaHa E233. Type Otsu Foreign Legion. Beast-vehicle. "Hi, guys." Campfire. Pan-galactic rare crystal Ikemeshium. Tears.


The episode of "I can Friday by day!" will be digitally distributed on the official website of Japan Anima (tor)’s Exhibition on Friday April 24th, 2015.



A bit of  Kazuya Tsurumaki Eva art


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