"Evangelion" T-Shirt Sales Event Held in Kyoto and Tokyo

Purchasers with over 3,000 yen receive an original clear file

In commemoration of its 20th anniversary, "EVA T PARTY 2015," a time-limited special T-shirt sales event featuring the Evangelion series has been held at Kyoto Loft since yesterday, April 22. It will also open at the Evangelion Store Tokyo-01 in Ikebukuro this Saturday.


The events offer various types of Evangelion T-shirts produced by famous brands, and the ones with the logos to celebrate the 20th anniversary and 2015 A.D., the year when the story of the show begins. Purchasers with over 3,000 yen at the Kyoto store receive an original clear file featuring the key visual of the main characters. And purchasers at the Tokyo store will receive one original coaster for one T-shirt.



Main visual 1


Main visual 2



via: Comic Natalie


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