"The Last Cop" TV Drama Coming to Hulu Japan in Summer 2015

Japanese remake of German TV series features Masataka Kubota and Toshiaki Karasawa


The Last Cop, a Japanese remake of a popular 2010 German television series called DER LETZTE BULLE, is coming to Hulu Japan via Nippon TV.



In The Last Cop, Toshiaki Karasawa stars as Kosuke, a hot-blooded detective who was injured in the line of duty and who slipped into a coma for 30 years. Now he's back and ready to bust some skulls, unaware of how much the world has changed in his absence. Masataka Kubota stars as Ryota, Kosuke's new partner.



This release is notable because it marks the first time that a Nippon TV produced drama will debut on Hulu Japan. The Last Cop promises to be both comedic and dramatic as Kosuke struggles to adjust to his new life.


The Last Cop is scheduled to premiere during the summer of 2015.



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