"KanColle" Spring Event Introduces Italian Ship Daughters

On April 28th, the KanColle browser game launched its big seasonal event, spring 2015's "Order! 11th Battle Operation"

On April 28th, the KanColle browser game launched its big seasonal event, spring 2015's "Order! 11th Battle Operation" (possibly based on World War II's  Indian Ocean Raid / Easter Sunday Raid ). Three new Kanmusu make their debut, including Katsuragi, Takanami and Akitsushima, and entering with them are the first ship girls from Italy (the game already had five German girls, designed by Fumikane Shimada).


Vittorio Veneto Class Battleship Littorio (Italia after her upgrade)


Vittorio Veneto Class Battleship Roma


Unryuu Class Standard Carrier Katsuragi


Yuugumo Class Destroyer Takanami


Akitsushima Class Seaplane Tender Akitsushima


New equipment includes

Type 2 Large-sized Flying Boat 

381mm/50 Triple Gun Mount Kai


OTO 152mm Triple Rapid Fire Gun Mount


90mm Single High-angle Gun Mount



Pugliese Underwater Protection Bulkhead


New Enemy Vessels

Harbour Water Demon

Anchorage Water Demon


via KanColle Wiki

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