Daisuke Ono and Yu Shimamura's "Seraph of the End" Character Designs Showcased

Plus promo art for SawanoHiroyuki [nZk]'s "XU | scaPEGoat"

The Seraph of the End site has been updated with another set of preview designs with four characters, including the ones voiced by Daisuke Ono (Black Butler's Sebastian Michaelis ) and  Yu Shimamura (Attack on Titan's Annie Leonhart).


Norito Goshi - Daisuke Ono

Norito is a Colonel of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, and serves as a member of a team led by Guren. He excels in illusion than physical attacks, and covers Guren who mainly fights in close combat. He is sensual and loves beautiful women.

Mito Jujo - Yu Shimamura

Mito is the daughter of the prestigious Jujo family and a member of Guren’s Moon Demon Company squad. She is a Colonel with a characteristic crimson-red hair. Mito excels in spellcast techniques transmitted from generation to generation in the Jujo family, which enhances her physical ability in the combat.

Seishiro Hiragi

Seishiro is a member of the Hiragi Family, and a person of influence as a Major General of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army. He is rude and has an offensive personality. Has a strong complex against his older brother Kureto, and secretly planning to outwit his brother one day.

Tenri Hiragi

Tenri is a General reigning at the top of the Japanese Imperial Demon Army, and the absolute being supervising the Hiragi family. He has a savage principle of the survival of the fittest, and is not happy with Guren taking a defiant attitude. He will impose ruthless sanctions to those who threatens the Hiragi family.

also SawanoHiroyuki [nZk] "XU | scaPEGoat" promo posters

And animate character posters

SawanoHiroyuki[nZk] (X.U. & scaPEGoat... by ta_san


And bonus character art


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