"Evangelion" Prepares for Blu-ray Release With Golden Week Public Transit Ads

Two versions of original TV series and movies are due out in Japan on August 25th

This fall, Neon Genesis Evangelion marks its 20th anniversary and part of the celebration is an August release of an HD remaster of the original TV series and movies. Khara is capitalizing on this week's Golden Week holidays to promote the release with a prominent billboard of quotes greeting travellers at JR Shinjuku Station. 



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Two versions are due out in Japan on August 25th at 38,000 Yen for the Blu-rays and 18,000yen for the DVDs. 



"Neon Genesis Evangelion" Blu-ray Box:
"Neon Genesis Evangelion" - HD Remastered
Combines episodes 1-26 and 21'-24'

Evangelion Death and Rebirth - HD master
- First time Death will be released on video

The End of Evangelion - HD master  (can play with the Love and Pop extra after the film)

Revival of Evangelion - HD master
- Death(True)2/Love is Destructive/ONE MORE FINAL: I need you


The Evangelion BD-Box consists of 9 discs and a booklet in special packaging. The official runtime is 900 minutes plus bonus footage.

Bonus footage include image board collection, dubbing rush video, TV spots for the airing, textless OP/ED, Genesis 0:0 (both volumes), promotional videos/CMs, Episode 26 live action portion, TV series 30s preview, movie trailer/teasers, and dubbing scripts. Additionally there are the promotional videos edited by Masayuki for the OP/ED, Soul's Refrain, Thanatos, Armageddon, and Memories of Paradice.

Additionally, a 5.1 surround sound BGM collection of 22 tracks will be offered.

The details of the hardcover book are not disclosed. No English subtitles/audio are mentioned.

Archives of Evangelion: Neon Genesis Evangelion Broadcast version DVD-box

Neon Genesis Evangelion (On air version)
Episodes 1-26 as they aired on TV.
- First time released on video

Evangelion: Death (True) and Rebirth (TV broadcast version)
- First time Death(True) was released on video


The DVD-Box will have the on-air versions of the 26 episodes and the EVANGELION: DEATH(TRUE) & REBIRTH movie on 8 discs. It will have the two specials covering the movie as bonus footage. It too will have a booklet.
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