Box Office: 19th "Detective Conan" Film Beats "Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F"

Both films are expected to be the top-grossing films in the franchise

More reports on the weekend box office of May 2-3 in Japan have arrived. Although it lost the opening weekend battle, the 19th Detective Conan film, Sunflowers of Inferno, has earned more than its strongest competitor, Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F.


In its first weekend of April 18-19, Conan took second place with 874,762,300 yen, only behind DBZ with 960,586,350 yen. But in the second weekend when Disney's Cinderella easily took the top, DBZ dropped to third, while Conan hanged onto second. They kept the same positions in the third weekend.


By May 6, Conan had earned 3.5 billion yen with 2.82 million ticket sales, and DBZ had grossed 3.1 billion yen on 2.36 million admissions. The former is expected to soon become the highest grossing Conan film passing the previous record of 4.11 billion yen by the last year's Dimensional Sniper. As reported, the latter has already surpassed the total theatrical revenue of the previous DBZ film Battle

of Gods in 2013, 2.9 billion yen.



"Detective Conan Sunflowers of Inferno" trailer



"Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F" trailer


Source:, Oricon Style


© Gosho Aoyama/Detective Conan Production Committee


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