"Evangelion" Animator Tadashi Hiramatsu to Helm Next Animator Expo Short

Short to premiere Friday May 15th, 2015

Animator Expo has announced that the showcase's 22nd short will be "Ibuseki Yoruni," written and directed by Tadashi Hiramatsu, an animator who has contributed throughout the Evangelion series, as well as Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex and who worked on Lupin III: The Woman Named Fujiko Mine's opening and Attack on Titan's first ending. His work was previously featured on the 7th short, "until you Come to me." 


Tadashi Hiramatsu recently did character design on Parasyte -the maxim-.


Evangelion veterans Tatsuya Kushida and Shiro Sagisu also contribute to the short. 


About the episode 22 “IBUSEKI YORUNI”

< Staff >
Director, Screenplay   Tadashi Hiramatsu
Original Story   Ren Sakaki
Art Director   Tatsuya Kushida
Music   Shiro Sagisu

< Story Overview >
In the year 201X, Japan was faced with its greatest peril in the 21st century.
Gakuto Komagane appeared on the political scene suddenly as if he was the messiah, but how did people react to his sudden ascension to power.
What follows is an email newsletter by the political group, The Rising Sun, and it is a valuable primary reference that helps illustrate the political landscape at the time.

Gakuto Komagane assumed office as reborn Japan's first prime minister.
News conference summery.

Mr. Gakuto Komagane attended a news conference at the prime minister's official
residence following his assumption of office.
The Rising Sun delivers to you a summery of the news conference with our righteous GK.

Press: Previously, a Chinese totalitarian regime in the shape of the Greater Asian Federation dominated Japan. With its collapse, democratic government has returned back to Japan once more. What do you see in the future?

Gakuto Komagane (abbreviated to GK): We have been liberated from the humiliation of being branded 3rd class citizens and won back our sovereignty. We have truly become an independent nation once more. Thus, it is essential that bold and thorough reforms be initiated to sweep away legacies of the old system. We, the government chosen democratically by the peope, will carry out the "Revolution for Freedom" initiative as the people entrusted upon us to do so.

Press: Revolution for freedom sounds impressive. But what will it actually entail?

GK: The “Revolution for Freedom” initiative is comprised of two major pillars. Unflinching reforms constitute one pillar. We will revamp the central government that has become bloated and ineffective, while reinvigorating the private sector. We will also stamp out the corruption endemic in the local municipal bodies by eliminating the overlapping regulatory systems and ensure citizens everywhere have fair and equal access to services provided for their needs.
The second pillar revolves around unrestricted multilateral trade relations. New Japan needs a new economic system and close coordination with the global community. We will open Japan up to nations such as the United States that share our values. Once Japan presses forward on breaking apart the old system and institutes reforms, I have little doubt that the international community will find the liberalized Japanese market very attractive. This will be accomplished through the revolution for freedom.

Press: There are some who question how you will find the funding for all this.

GK: The people who express such concerns are fear mongers--Big-headed bureaucrats and intellectuals who lack true entrepreneurial spirit and have little first-hand knowledge. They were bankrolled by the Greater Asian Federation and thus are traitors. They will pay dearly once the revolution for freedom accomplishes major reforms to get rid of the corruption and inefficiencies of the current system. No element of governance will be allowed to remain in a protective bubble in my cabinet's major overhaul--Everything will be made efficient and rational, and once this is accomplished, funding in excess of 5.3 trillion yen will be secured within ten years, so there is no need for concern. My cabinet will be able to improve Japan's finances to a level that will once again win international backing.

Press: Sir, could we get a statement from you directed at the Japanese people who have such high hopes to your cabinet?

GK: The old Japan died together with the Greater Asian Federation. Death is a scary prospect for any of us. But I will not fear death and fight to revitalize Japan and the Japanese people. It is vital that we look to the future and strive forward toward it. I swear to you that I will erase any and all vestiges of the old system that caused so much suffering to you, and furthermore, I will make sure every citizen of Japan will enjoy happiness.

Press: Thank you very much for your time, Sir.

And that wraps up Prime Minister Komagane’s new conference.

...Will Komagane succeed in meeting the high expectations.
Ibuseki Yoruni is a story that explores a possible scenario where a Komagane Cabinet actually comes into being and carries out policies it promised to the voters of Japan.



The episode of "IBUSEKI YORUNI" will be digitally distributed on the official website of Japan Anima (tor)’s Exhibition on Friday May 15th, 2015.


Some of Tadashi Hiramatsu's previous animation work...


And some of his art...


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