"Seraph of the End" Showcases Designs for Nozomi Furuki and Yoko Hikasa's Characters

Meet Chess Bell and Horn Skuld

The site for the new Seraph of the End anime has been updated with new character pages for Seventeenth Progenitor vampires Chess Belle and Horn Skuld, respectively voiced by Nozomi Furuki (Rolling Girls' Yukari Otonashi) and Yoko Hikasa (No Game No Life's Stephanie Dora). 



Chess Belle - Nozomi Furuki

Chess is a Seventeenth Progenitor vampire who serves Crowley. Even though she is a noble, her personality is freewheeling, and behavior is very careless. She often can’t control her desire while drinking blood and end up killing human.


Horn Skuld - Yoko Hikasa

Horn is a Seventeenth Progenitor, same level as Chess. She is serving Crowley from a certain reason. She takes her duties seriously and scolds Chess for her misbehavior like a big sister. She prefers Crowley’s blood more than anything else.



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