Lawson to Launch Collaboration Campaign with "Is the Order a Rabbit?" Next Week

50 people will get an alarm clock with Chino's newly-recorded voices

Lawson, one of the largest Japanese convenience store chains, will launch a new collaboration campaign with the Is the Order a Rabbit? TV anime series, based on Koi's four-panel comedy manga published by Houbunsha, at its stores across Japan next Tuesday, May 19. It will run till June 1. They have posted a campaign visual featuring the five main girls wearing a ribbon of the chain's stripe blue pattern.





In this campaign, purchasers of one of three selected sweets will be able to get one of the five bookmarkers

below, which means you have to buy at least 15 sweets to complete the collection.





In addition, lucky 50 people will also have a chance to win this original alarm clock with Chino's newly-recorded

voices by sending the receipts to the campaign's office by mail.




via: Comic Natalie


© Koi, Houbunsha/Gochumon wa Seisakuiinkai Desuka?


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