Hirohiko Araki's Short Manga "Under Execution, Under Jailbreak" Gets Stage Play Adaptation

Starring 30-year-old actor/dancer Mirai Moriyama (TeZukA, Pluto)

It is confirmed today that a stage play adaptation of Hirohiko Araki's 1995 short manga Shikei Shikkou-chu Datsugoku Shinkou-chu (Under Execution, Under Jailbreak) is in the works. This is the first stage play adaptation of a manga work by Araki, who is best known as the creator of the long-running JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series. It will be performed at The Galaxy Theater in Tokyo from November 20 to 29, 2015.


30-year-old dancer/actor Mirai Moriyama will play the lead. He recently performed in two plays inspired by Osamu Tezuka, TeZukA in 2012 and Pluto (based on the remake by Naoki Urasawa) early this year, both were choreographed by Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. Among anime fans, he is also known as the voice of Jesus Christ in the anime adaptations of Hikaru Nakamura comedy manga Saint Young Men.


The short was published in the 2nd issue of Shueisha's Super Jump magazine in 1995. The story centers

on a condemned criminal No. 27. His cell is decorated like a first-class hotel. But in attempt to escape,

he comes to understand the cell itself is his execution room.



"Shikei Shikkou-chu Datsugoku Shinkou-chu" short story collection bunko edition cover



Source: Sports Hochi


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