VIDEO: Previews for TV Anime "Etotama" Character Song CDs

The first mini album will be available tomorrow

Pony Canyon will be releasing four character song mini albums inspired by the ongoing TV anime Etotama, starting with the first one "Gekimeshi!! Waganya no Bangohan" (Super Foods! My Family's Dinner) performed by Nyaa-tan (Rie Murakawa), Moo-tan (Eriko Matsui) and Piyo-tan (Mikoi Sasaki) to be released tomorrow on May 20 in Japan.


The second album "ETM Fighting Climax! Honki no Shisho Challenge-hen" (ETM Fighting Climax! The Challenge of the Master in Serious Mode Chapter) will feature Shima-tan (Yuiko Tatsumi), Dora-tan (Maaya Uchida) and Uri-tan (Yumiri Hanamori), and will be available on June 3. The third album will follow on June 17, the fourth on July 1.


Etotama broadcasts every Thursday at 8:30 am Pacific Time for Crunchyroll premium members, with

free members able to watch one week later. It is available to audiences worldwide, excluding Asia.



1st mini album "Gekimeshi!! Waganya no Bangohan" preview


CD jacket



2nd mini album "ETM Fighting Climax! Honki no Shisho Challenge-hen" preview


CD jacket



TV anime main visual


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