Cool Shoes or Cruel Shoes? "Tokyo Ghoul" Pumps by Super Groupies

Designer footwear comes in normal and ghoulish versions


Super Groupies can help you look fashionably cannibalistic with a new line of pumps inspired by Sui Ishida's manga and anime Tokyo Ghoul. The shoes come in two different designs.



One design is reminiscent of the protagonist, Ken Kaneki, in his butler uniform at the Anteiku coffee shop. Note the tie-like folds on the top and the ornament on the strap of the left shoe that resembles a padded eyepatch.  




The other design calls to mind Kaneki in his masked, battle-form. It features zippers that resemble a grimacing mouth and the strap on the right shoe also features an eyepatch-like ornament, only modeled after the patch on Kaneki's mask. I dig the assymetrical design.





The shoes retail for 15800 yen ($130.98 US) plus tax and come in various ladies' sizes. Pre-orders are open until June 07, 2015, with delivery of the shoes scheduled for mid-September. For more information, check out the official collaboration page here.




Paul Chapman is the host of The Greatest Movie EVER! Podcast and GME! Anime Fun Time.

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