Both Godzilla and Shin-chan Made Official Japanese Residents

Finally, it's official!

Given how long both Godzilla and Shin-chan have been extremely popular in Tokyo and for overseas fans, you’d think they would have been official residents by now, right? That wasn’t the case up until recently, with both Shin-chan and Godzilla both being given official residency papers of their birth countries!


For fans who want to prove that their favorite characters are official residents, the first 3,000 eager beavers to come to the Shinjuku ward office will be granted special copies of the papers.


Shin-chan, however, went to Saitama Prefecture and “moved back” there after the “official” move to Mexico in the latest Shin-chan movie.


They’re just fictional characters, but these types of promotional events are still pretty interesting, especially when you consider the amount of fans who really are into it. Would you want a copy of either character’s residency papers?



[via Anime News Network]


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