"ARIA The AVVENIRE" Main Visual and Two New Characters Revealed

Advance tickets with a ticket holder will go on sale on June 20

The official website for the ARIA anime project based on Kozue Amano's best selling manga series of the same name today updated with a new main visual, revealing two new characters for the upcoming all-new film ARIA The AVVENIRE, Azusa B. McLaren and Anya Dostoyevskaya.


Azusa is a rookie undine at Himeya Company which Aika and Akira are belong to, while Anya works for Alice and Athena's Orange Planet. Though working for two different companies, the two have became good friends through the practice. As well as for Ai, the rookie at ARIA Company, the manga author Amano provided original designs for them.


It is also announced that the film is consisting of three chapters, two are based on the manga episodes which have never been adapted into anime before, "Sono Aitakatta Anata ni..." and "Sono Atatakana Aayonara wa...,"  with one based on the newly-written episode "Sono Harukanaru Mirai e..." by Amano for

the project. It will be the first manga story in seven years after the original manga series ended its

serialization in 2008.


All of the voice cast from the previous anime series reprise their roles. The late Tomoko Kawakami, who

past away in June 2011, is also listed as Athena Glory. The production committee still considers her as a

member of the ARIA team, so her name is added in the credit with the permissions from the director Junichi

Sato, Kozue Amano, and the voice actress' agency. 


ARIA The AVVENIRE will get an event screening at 11 theaters across Japan on September 26, 2015.

Advance tickets with a ticket holder will go on sale at the theaters on June 20.



New main visual


Azusa B. McLaren


Anya Dostoyevskaya


Advance ticket




Source: "ARIA" anime project official website, Twitter


©2015 Kozue Amano/MAG Garden・ARIAcompany All Rights Reserved


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