X-Plus Turns Up the Heat with "Godzilla 1995" Vinyl Figure

25 centimeter figure reproduces the look of "Burning Godzilla" from "Godzilla vs. Destoroyah"


Godzilla has always been filled with a burning passion for destruction. Or maybe in this case he's filled with too much radioactivity, because the latest in the Toho Giant Monsters series of collector's edition vinyl figures by X-Plus is the "Burning Godzilla" design from 1995's Godzilla vs. Destoroyah





Additionally, the special Shonen Ric limited edition version of this figure includes an internal feature that allows the "burning" patches on Godzilla's body to light up.



The Shonen Ric special edition of the Toho Giant Monster series "Godzilla 1995" figure retails for 25,920 yen ($206.35 US) including tax. It is available for pre-order here until June 15, 2015. The final product is scheduled to ship in late July of 2015. A standard edition (without the internal lighting feature) is scheduled to be available later from other online retailers.



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