Japanese "RWBY" Cast Listed

Saori Hayami, Yoko Hikasa, Yu Shimamura, Ami Koshimizu voice title characters

The new issue of Japanese anime magazine Newtype is running a feature on action animation RWBY, described by Rooster Teeth CEO Matt Hullum as the first "American-made anime" to be marketed in Japan. Along with illustration by Fate/ animator Nishida Asako, it features a listing of the series' Japanese cast.


Ruby Rose - Saori Hayami(The Irregular at Magic High School's Miyuki Shiba)

Weiss Schnee - Yoko Hikasa(Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?'s Freya)

Blake Belladonna - Yu Shimamura (Attack on Titan's Annie)

Yang Xiao Long - Ami Koshimizu (Kill La Kill's Ryūko Matoi)




Last winter's Comiket featured a Fanbook from distributor Warner Bros with contributions from:



The book features contributions from

Hiroyuki Asada (Tegami Bachi)

Yoshitoshi Abe (Haibane Reimei, Serial Experimental LAIN)

Hajime Ueda (mangaka adaptation of FLCL)

okama (Garasu no Kantai)

 Toume Kei (Lament of the Lamb)

Miwa Shirow (DOGS Bullets & Carnage) Twitter, Pixiv

Murata Range (Last Exile)

ヨカルラ Yokarura Pixiv , Tumblr

:島崎麻里 Mari Shimazaki 

田島昭宇 Tajima Shou l





Nidy-2D- ワダアルコ




Shirow Miwa has previewed his contribution


 via Yaraon


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