New Cast Visuals for "Blood-C" Stage Play Posted

To be performed at Setagaya Public Theater on July 2-5

Following the four main cast who already appeared in the original Blood-C anime series, the official website for the upcoming Blood-C The Last Mind stage play has posted visuals of the seven new characters who will make their first appearance in the stage play. 


39-year-old film director Shusuke Oku, who previously worked for the stage plays based on the Persona game series, serves as director on script by Junichi Fujisaki, the director of the 2005-2006 TV series Blood+. It features a newly written untold story in the time period between the 12-episode TV series in 2011 and its feature film sequel Blood-C: The Last Dark in 2012. It is scheduled to be performed at Setagaya Public Theater in Tokyo from July 2 to 5.



Yuuki Fujiwara as Toyama



Mashu Ishiwatari as Yoh



Kaede Aono as Ran



Tatsuya Isaka as Kuroda



Toshihiko Takaka as Kouhan



Ryunosuke Matsumura as Souen



Kou Hosokawa as Haijima






Kanon Miyahara as Saya Kisaragi



Keisuke Minami as Fumito Nanahara



Eiji Takigawa as Tadayoshi Kisaragi



Asami Yoshikawa as Yuuka Amino



Poster visual



2nd CM



1st CM



Source: "Blood-C The Last Mind" official website  via: Comic Natalie




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