VIDEO: Trailer for DVD/Blu-ray Bonus Episode "Seraph of the Endless"

1st volume with the first three episodes hits stores June 24

The first DVD/Blu-ray volume of the ongoing TV anime adaptation of the Owari no Seraph/Seraph of the End dark fantasy manga, created by Takaya Kagami (story), Yamato Yamamoto (arts), and Daisuke Furuya (storyboards), is set to be released in Japan on June 24. The first disc contains its firs three episodes and will be offered at the reference price of 6,000 yen (DVD) and 7,000 yen (Blu-ray.


Each volume comes with a short bonus episode Owaranai Seraph/Seraph of the Endless. Watch the trailer below, which features the conversations among the main characters about "Who should be the protagonist?"




1st volume set



CM for the DVD/Blu-ray 1st volume



Source: "Seraph of the End" TV anime official website


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