"Maison Ikkoku" Film & OAVs coming to Japanese Bluray in September

Set includes 3 OAVs and 1 theatrical film, first run includes "Piyo Piyo" pass case


Maison Ikkoku, a much-beloved romance manga and anime from Rumiko Takahashi, is receiving a Bluray release for its original animation videos and its animated theatrical movie.

Maison Ikkoku tells the story of Yusaku Godai, a "ronin" student who moves into a boarding house to study for his college entrance exams. There he promptly falls in love with the house's manager, Kyoko Otonashi, a beautiful but sorrowful widow. Godai's attempts to study (and his attempts to woo Kyoko) are frequently thwarted by the boarding house's host of meddling and eccentric characters.



The Maison Ikkoku Film & OAV Bluray boxed set goes on sale on September 30, 2015. It retails for 11,600 yen ($94.54 US) plus tax. The set includes 3 OAVs and an animated theatrical film. The first print run will include a "Piyo Piyo" pass case wallet modeled after the signature chick that decorates Kyoko's apron.


Source: Animeanime,jp


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