Veteran Anime Creator Mahiro Maeda's "Mad Max: Fury Road" Design Work Showcased

With Mad Max Ikari no DEATH ROAD opening in Japan June 20th, Maeda's concept designs have been promoted

Mad Max: Fury Road got a touch of anime in its design thanks to Mahiro Maeda, the veteran anime creator who masterminded Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo, worked on proto-Ghibli Nausicaa and the Studio's Castle in the Sky and Porco Rosso, and early early Gainax Royal Space Force - The Wings of Honnêamise and Gunbuster, as well as contributing Angel designs to Evangelion.

With Mad Max Ikari no DEATH ROAD opening in Japan June 20th, Maeda's concept designs, reused from earlier iterations of the project, have been showcased.



EXILE's AKIRA dubs Tom Hardy's "Mad" Max Rockatansky role, with yakuza movie vet Riki Takeuchi as Hugh Keays-Byrne's Immortan Joe and New Japan Pro Wrestler Togi Makabe as Nathan Jones' as Rictus Erectus.  Takako Honda (Naruto's Anko) is  Charlize Theron's Imperator Furiosa, Yuichi Nakamura (Fairy Tail's Gray) is Nicholas Hoult's Nux, Megumi Han (Hunter x Hunter's Gon) is Cheedo the Fragile and Chiaki Takahashi ([email protected]'s Azusa Miura) is The Splendid Angharad,  Tamura Mutsumi (Kill Me Baby's Sonya, Jormungand's Jonah) is Toast, Shigeru Chiba (One Piece's Buggy) is the Bullet Farmers





MAN WITH A MISSION, the ultimate life form created guitar legend/master wolf biologist Jimi Hendrix, best known to otaku for their Log Horizon theme, were in the US earlier this year to record a track for Orange County based Zebrahead's “Greatest Hits?" The two bands also collaboratde on “Out of Control,”  the end theme to the Japanese release of MAD MAX IKARI NO Death Road,





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