According to "Evangelion," It's Literally Time for Shinji to Get in the Robot!

Shinji voice actress Megumi Ogata commemorates date of Angel attack by visiting site of Tokyo 3

It's June 22, 2015, the date in which, in the first episode of Neon Genesis Evangelion, the third Angel Sachiel attacks. What's cooler than the fact that otaku remebered 6.22-12:30 was that Shinji Ikari voice actress Megumi Ogata did. And, even cooler, she commemorated it by visiting Hokane's sites of Tokyo 3 and the spot where Misato's car got tossed over. 




Other Angel attacks occurred on:


July 13, 2015
4th Angel Shamshel attack

August 16th-17th, 2015
5th Angel  Ramiel attack

September 20, 2015
6th Angel a Gaghiel attack

October 5, 2015
7th Angel a Israfel attack

October 21, 2015
8th Angel Sandalphon discovered

November 13, 2015
9th Angel Matarael attacks

February 23, 2016
10th Angel Sahaquiel attacks

March 2, 2016
11th Ireul invades NERV HQ

March 23, 2016
12th Angel Leliel attacks

May 8, 2016
13th Angel Bardiel invades experiment, causing explosiion

May 13, 2016
14th Angel Zeruel attacks

July 11, 2016
16th Armisael



Warner Bros. has prepared its own welcome...



Oh! My Goddess author Kōsuke Fujishima


Full Metal Panic! Σ 's Hiroshi Ueda


Terumi Nishi - Servant x Service character designer, Mushishi animation director


The Eva Race Team







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