Monster Mash-Up: "Magical Girl Apocalypse" x "Karada Sagashi"

Two popular horror manga team-up to illustrate a "Freddy vs. Jason"-style confrontation



Move over Alien vs. Predator, because Akita Shoten and Shueisha have combined forces to produce a cross-over of two popular horror manga in a one-shot story that pits a monstrous magical girl from Magical Girl Apocalypse against the gory red-ghost from Karada Sagashi.



Magical Girl Apocalypse, known as Magical Girl of the End in Japan, is a gruesome horror manga by Kentarō Satō that re-envisions the "zombie apocalypse" scenario with deadly magical girls in place of the typical walking dead. Magical Girl Apocalypse is published in Weekly Shōnen Champion by Akita Shoten. There are 9 volumes currently available in Japan. Magical Girl Apocalypse is released in North America by Seven Seas Entertainment



Karada Sagashi is a gory horror manga by Katsutoshi Murase in which a group of students are haunted by a ghostly apparition that tasks them to find all the parts of a dismembered body or else be torn to pieces themselves. It is published by in Shōnen Jump+ by Shueisha, with 3 volumes currently available in Japan.


The cross-over can be viewed for free in Japanese. The first part is available through the Shonen Jump+ online viewer here. The conclusion is available through Akita Shoten's Champion Tap! website here.




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