VIDEO: Masaru Hamaguchi Spoofs "Game Center CX"

Half of comedy duo "Yoiko" ribs his partner in a video for Nintendo's Youtube channel


Japanese comedian Shinya Arino has a cult-following in the English-speaking world for his role as Chief Arino on the TV show Game Center CX, known in North America as Retro Game Master. In Game Center CX, Arino plays a mid-level manager at a fictitious company tasked with playing various retro video games to completion.


Arino is also part of a comedy duo known as Yoiko with fellow comedian Masaru Hamaguchi, and Hamaguchi recently took to Nintendo Japan's official Youtube channel to poke fun at his partner with a little good-natured gimmick infringement: Game Center DX.



In the video, Hamaguchi dubs himself Executive Director (placing him above Arino in rank) and takes a few friendly pot-shots at his partner while tackling Yoshi's Woolly World, which is so new that it hasn't yet been relased in Japan and North America. That's hardly in the spirit of retro gaming, Hamaguchi-san.



I wonder if Chief Arino approves?



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