"High Kick Angels" Star Kaede Aono to Play Motoko in "Ghost in the Shell: Arise" Stage Play

Ikkyuu Juku will reprise his role as Aramaki

It was announced at the press conference yesterday that 22-year-old actress/fashion model Kaede Aono will play Motoko Kusanagi in the upcoming stage play adaptation of the four-part film series Ghost in the Shell: Arise. 169cm-tall Aono started her karate lesson when she was the first grade at elementary school, then acquired black belt at age of 12. She made her screen debut in the 2014 martial art film High Kick Angels, then recently played Ran in the BLOOD-C ~The LAST MIND~ stage play early this month.


It was also confirmed that 65-year-old Ikkyu Juku, who voiced Daisuke Aramaki in the Arise anime series, will play the character in the stage play as well. 29-year-old Ren Yagami, who is 183cm-tall and known as Seiichi Yukimura in The Prince of Tennis musical series, is cast as Batou.


39-year-old film director Shutaro Oku, who worked with Aono in Blood-C The Last Mind, attaches to direct.

Junichi Fujisaki, previously joined the 2002-2003 TV series Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, provides

the script. It is scheduled to be performed at Tokyo Metropolitan Theater Playhouse from November 5 to 15.





Announced cast:

 Motoko Kusanagi: Kaede Aono

 Batou: Ren Yagami

 Togusa: Kentaro Kenzaki

 Daisuke Aramaki: Ikkyu Juku

 Ishikawa: Tatsuya Isaka

 Paz: Katsuhiko Ibuka

 Saito: Ryunosuke Matsumura

 Borma: Yu Matsuzaki

 Ibachi: Shungo Takasaki

 Kurutsu: Asana Mamoru

 Thied: Asami Yoshikawa

 Tsuda Ema: Misaki Momose

 Hose: Keisuke Minami



 Motoko Kusanagi/Kaede Aono



Clip from "High Kick Angels"



Her training for the film


via: Cinema Today


© Masamune Shirow, Production I.G/Kodansha, "Koukaku Kidoutai Arise" Production Committee


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