VIDEO: Summer TV Anime "Chaos Dragon" OP Song MV by Natsumi Kon

4th single "ISOtone" will be released on August 5

24-year-old musical actress Natsumi Kon made her solo singer debut with 1st single "Watashi wa Souzou Suru" (TV anime Majestic Prince 1st OP) in April 2013. Her upcoming 4th single "ISOtone" is now used as the OP song for a summer TV anime Chaos Dragon.


So far all of her solo singles were TV anime tie-up songs. Her 2nd single "PROMPT" released in August 2013 was used as the 2nd OP song for Majestic Prince, then 3rd single in May 2014 was as the OP song for One Week Friends. "ISOtone" is scheduled to be released in three editions on August 5.



"ISOtone" short MV



First press limited artist edition



First press limited anime edition



Regular edition



"Chaos Dragon" PV featuring the OP song




© Konton Keikaku/"Chaos Dragon Sekuryu Seneki" Production Committee


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