"Fushigina Somera-chan" Anime Slated for October 2015

Anime staff information also announced


Crunchyroll previously reported on the announcement of an anime adaptation of Choborau Nyopomi's 4-panel comedy manga, Fushigina Somera-chan (aka Magical Somera-chan). Now new information has come to light: the anime will premiere in October of 2015.


Additionally, new information concerning the staff is now available:

  • Itsuki Imazaki will provide the direction, screenwriting, and character design.
  • Masakatsu Oomuro will provide the sound direction.
  • Fūga Hatori will provide the music.
  • Dream Creation is the production company.
  • Seven will provide the animation.
  • DAX Production will provide the sound production. 


Source: Otakomu.jp


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