Discotek Licenses "Wicked City" and More

Newly remastered for DVD release set for 2016

Discotek Media held its Otakon panel early Sunday afternoon, adding details to previous announcements while throwing in a couple new acquisitions. Chief among the new stuff is Yoshiaki Kawajiri's classic Wicked City, which is currently set for a 2016 release.


Wicked City is being newly remastered for DVD, and will feature the Japanese track with English subtitles as well as both the Manga (UK) and Streamline (US) dubs. 


Discotek also announced the 1976 mecha series Gaiking, packing all 44 episodes in Japanese with English subtitles. Here's some WIP artwork from the Discotek Facebook:



Discotek had a bunch of information on other current and upcoming releases, too. The DVD of Robot Carnival is coming on September 1, but it was available at Otakon and managed to sell out on the first day. Magic Knight Rayearth is coming to DVD in December, with the Blu-ray release set for winter 2016, and Discotek is looking to get all the extras back along with a "mysterious" new extra.


Fighting fans can look forward to newly remastered versions of all four Darkstalkers OVAs, both in Japanese and dubbed, in 2016. The Street Fighter II anime movie is also coming in 2016, and will be uncut, KMFDM and all. Discotek also showed some WIP action for the Street Fighter US animated series cover art.


Other previously announced releases with dates include Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust on September 9 (Blu-ray) and September 22 (DVD), as well as Descendants of Darkness, Go Nagai World, and The Little Mermaid, all set for September 29. The Night on the Galactic Railroad Blu-ray is coming in November, and will include commentary with Mike Toole and Justin Sevakis of Anime News Network. Iria is also coming in November, and will include an interview with creator Keita Amemiya and designer Masakazu Katsura, a sing-a-long opening, and clean versions of the opening and ending.


Here are the upcoming releases without dates or details, via the ever-handy Discotek Day Twitter:



A few of Discotek's releases are considered "conditional." Stuff like the Lupin the Third movies and SD releases on Blu-ray like Samurai Pizza Cats will depend on whether or not people buy them. If you want more, be sure to pick them up when they're released. The same goes for Lupin the Third: Jigen's Gravestone, which will determine if they plunk down the money for more original dubs. 


Additional info via @GWOtaku



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