Rumor: Is the Hero of "Dragon Quest XI" the Villain of The Original Game?

Japanese fans speculate after noticing some curious color choices

Dragon Quest XI has only recently been announced for PS4 and 3DS, and already the Internet is abuzz with rumors. Perhaps the most interesting fan theory is the idea that the hero of the new game may be a younger version of the villainous Dragonlord from the original Dragon Quest NES game.  



Japanese fans have observed that both characters are clad in purple. They also note that the hero of the new game has blue eyes and blonde hair, while Dragonlord has yellow eyes and blue skin, a color inversion which could indicate a connection between the two characters.



I'll admit, that piece of "evidence" is a bit flimsy, but I find the other points raised more compelling. Japanese fans have noted that the new game's logo inverts the blue and purple color scheme of the original game's logo. Additionally, the silhouette of the dragon has switched sides, from left to right.



The dragon in the new logo is also clutching a pearl. Could this be the fabled Ball of Light, stolen by the Dragonlord in the original Dragon Quest? And what about DQXI's subtitle, In Search of Departed Time? Could this indicate that the new game is a prequel, chronicling the Dragonlord's rise to power?


Presently, there's no confirmation of this rumor one way or another, but it sure is fun to speculate.


Source: My Game News Flash


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