Crunchyroll to Add Dubbed "Ladies versus Butlers" and "Juden-chan"

More dubs coming in a partnership with Media Blasters

Crunchyroll is teaming up with Media Blasters to bring more dubs to the streaming service. Dubbed versions of both Ladies versus Butlers and Charger Girl Juden-chan are coming soon, and will be available to Crunchyroll members in the United States and Canada.




Akiharu Hino lost his parents when he was small and was adopted into his uncle’s family. He didn’t want to be a burden on his uncle’s family and decides to enter a free boarding school as a butler, Hakureiryou high school. However, his delinquent boy-like appearance frightens the girls, who make up the majority of the students. Unable to get along with the classmates, Akiharu meets his childhood crush Saikyou Tomomi.


Cast by MB Voiceworks, produced in house by Media Blasters and directed by Brittany Lauda, the cast features Daniel J. Edwards (Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V, Pokemon) as Akiharu Hino, Brittany Lauda (Queen’s Blade Rebellion, Holy Knight) as Kaoru Daichi, and Amber Lee Connors (Dust: An Elysian Tail, Holy Knight) as Tomomi Saikyou.


More info on the dub, including cast reveals, is available at Media Blasters' Facebook page along with this dub preview:

Todoroki QuickPreview from Fever Dreams VOD on Vimeo.



Sadness be gone! Though depressed people are scattered across the world, there are those from a parallel world who are here to help. Known as Juden-chan, these busty ladies use their special powers to charge up the mentally dejected and earn a living in the process. While Aresta and Plug are performing their Judan-chan duties, they discover a boy named Sento. Unlike most humans, Sento can actually see them!


Media Blasters also uploaded a video of Brittany Lauda as Plug:

Juden Chan English Preview from Fever Dreams VOD on Vimeo.



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