Indie Devs Turn "Final Fantasy VII" into 2D Side-Scrolling Action Game

Team was inspired by beat 'em ups when re-imagining FFVII

No matter how different Square Enix's official remake of Final Fantasy VII ends up being, I doubt it will end up looking remotely like PD Design Studio's take on the fan-favorite RPG. The Dusty's Revenge developers are currently cooking up Final Fantasy VII: Re-Imagined, which takes the turn-based original and spins it into a side-scrolling 2D action game.


The team cites beat 'em up classics like Dungeons & Dragons and Streets of Rage as inspiration. If you have Unity web player installed you can actually give the first playable prototype a shot over at the project's website, which also has more info on the systems, or you can just see some quick sample footage below.



The folks behind the reimagining are certainly not looking for trouble with Square Enix, so they make sure to reiterate that this is not for profit, and the game will be free when it's done.


Via Gematsu



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