"Q Transformers II" Brings Back Decepticons and the Infamous "Kiss Players"

Keiji Fujiwara, Sugita Tomokazu, Kaito Ishikawa, Nobuhiko Okamoto and uncomfortable moe return

DLE has posted the seventh episode of Kōtarō Ishidate's (Tesagure! BukatsumonoStraight Title Robot Anime) half ad-libbed, Flash animated Q Transformers: Return of the Mystery of Convoy II comedy shorts, which brings back Keiji Fujiwara's (Hunter x Hunter's Leorio Paladinight) Megatron joined by Sugita Tomokazu's (Gintama's Gintoki, Gargantia's Chamber) Starscream, Kaito Ishikawa's (Gargantia's Ledo) Shockwave and Nobuhiko Okamoto's (Raildex's Accelerator) Soundwave. 



Discussing the treacherous path towards popularity, the group brings up the fraught subject of Kiss Players

Kiss Players was a real multi-media property from 2006, which was Japan's only Transformers torchbearer between of Cybertron and the live-action movie. The toyline/manga/weekly radio drama featured the Autobots teaming up with young girl who power them up with their kisses, and a girl possessed by the ghost of Starscream.


Again, this was an official Transformers product...


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