VIDEO: New "Lupin The Third" TV Anime PV Featuring Iconic Theme

ED song is performed by 57-year-old enka singer Sayuri Ishikawa

A 90-second new PV featuring the newly-recorded iconic theme by Yuji Ohno for the upcoming new Lupin the Third TV anime series is now officially online. It introduces the main characters with their voices and Lupin's wedding with a new heroine Rebecca Rossellini. Though her voice actress has not yet been announced, you can check her voice saying "Because I am your wife, Mrs. Lupin that I am!" in the video. The anime's official website announces that the new series will premiere on Nihon TV at 25:29 on October 1 (JST) and it will run for 24 episodes.


It is also confirmed that the ED song "Chanto Iwanakya Aisanai" (I won't Love You unless You Tell Me Honestly) is performed by 57-year-old enka singer Sayuri Ishikawa. It is written by Tsunku (Morning Musume. producer) and composed/arranged by Yuji Ohno. Its CD single will be released on October 21, along with the soundtrack album for the anime.



New PV


Main voice cast for the new season:


 Arsène Lupin III: Kanichi Kurita (1995-)

 Daisuke Jigen: Kiyoshi Kobayashi (1971-)

 Goemon Ishikawa XIII: Daisuke Namikawa (2011-)

 Fujiko Mine: Miyuki Sawashiro (2011-)

 Inspector Koichi Zenigata: Koichi Yamadera (2011-)




ED song CD jacket illustration image



Sayuri Ishikawa



Latest main visual




via: Cinema Today, Music Natalie


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