VIDEO: 1st PV for "Aoharu Tetsudou" Musical Introduces Main Cast

Keita Kawajiri-directed play will open in November

The official website for the upcoming musical adaptation of Aoharu's trivia comedy manga Aoharu Tetsudou, produced by Nelke Planning (The Prince of Tennis musicals, Live Spectacle Naruto), today posted a 50-second first short PV to introduce its main cast including Takashi Nagayama (The Prince of Tennis, Bleach) as Tokaidou-Shinkansen. Most of the main cast previously performed together in The Prince of Tennis Musical series.


The musical is written/directed by Keita Kawajiri (SUGARBOY) and is scheduled to be performed 10 times at Zenrousai Hall/Space Zero in Tokyo from November 18 to 23. Advance tickets will go on sale on September 13.



1st PV




The manga was first published as her doujin work, then released as a commercial tankobon by Media Factory

in 2009. The sequel series is now serialized biweekly in free web magazine Comic Walker and its five tankobon

volumes are available. The story features more than 90 anthropomorphic rail routes run through Japan, mainly

in the Metropolitan area.


Main cast (in order of appearance in the PV)

 Toukaidou-Shinkansen: Takashi Nagayama (Eiji Kikumaru in The Prince of Tennis anime/musical)

 Sanyo-Shinkansen: Eiji Takigawa (Kunimitsu Tezuka)

 Seibu Ikebukuro Line: Kimeru (Shusuke Fuji)

 Yurakucho Line: Yoshitsugu Abe (Takashi Kawamura)

 Chichibu Railway: Eiji Moriyama (Shinji Ibu)

 Takasaki Line: Naoya Goumoto (Kaoru Kaido)

 Saikyo Line: Toshiyuki Toyonaga (Kachiro Kato)


 Seibu Ikebukuro Line: Kimeru (Shusuke Fuji)

 Toukaidou Shinkansen: Takashi Nagayama (Eiji Kikumaru)

 Chichibu Railway: Eiji Moriyama (Takeshi Momoshiro)



2nd main visual



 1st main visual



Based illustration drawn by the manga author



Source: "Aoharu Tetsudou" musical official website


© Aoharu


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