"Drifters" Anime Staff Listed

Anime to adapt "Hellsing" author's historical figures versus fantasy manga

While not much as been officially publicized about the planned anime adaptation of Hellsing author Kouta Hirano's historical figures versus fantasy manga Drifters, but but there have been a few early looks. Fans caught a preview of Comiket 88 early in the month. Now, there's an early look at the staff listing. 


Jojo's Bizarre Adventure/Stardust Crusaders series director Kenichi Suzuki helms the production with Hideyuki Kurata (Grisaia, Maria the Virgin Witch, Nanana, The World Only God Knows) writing series composition and Yousuke Yuroda (High School of the Dead, Gundam 00). Ryouji Nakamori (Hellsing OVA, Bleach) is handling character design and serving as chief animation director.



The series site launched earlier this year at http://www.nbcuni.co.jp/rondorobe/anime/drifters/







The series' antagonist is also on Twitter



Dark Horse publishes the series in North America.  They pitch it...

First he pitted the Catholic church against vampires, Nazis and Great Britain, bathing London in a flood of blood. But Hellsingcreator, Kohta Hirano still had something crazy up his sleeve when he created his new series, Drifters.

Imagine a world of magic, full of elves and hobbits and dragons and orcs. Inside this world of magic and wonder there is a great war being waged, using warriors from human history as chess pieces in a bloody, endless battle. Hirano’s new concept gathers famous warriors throughout history and puts them on both sides of good and evil, and then turned them loose in a bloody melee of madness.


 via Yaraon

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