Horror Anime "Kowabon" Debuts in October

Short animation series uses rotoscoping to depict ghostly phenomena in the Internet age


Kowabon, an original horror anime, is coming soon to Japanese television. The series uses rotoscoping to depict tales of ghostly phenomena in the Internet age.



The premise of the series involves modern humanity's reliance on communications technology such as smart phones and social media. Kowabon poses such questions as: what if something sinister is watching us through all of the cameras that we take for granted? What if a supernatural grudge could propagate through the Internet?



Kowabon will consist of 13 episodes, and each episode is 5 minutes in length. It premieres on October 03, 2015, on KBC (Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting Corporation). The series is directed by Kazuma Taketani and written by Hiromu Kumamoto. The ending theme, "Ai, Screaming", is performed by LinQ.


Source: Animate.tv


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