VIDEO: "Love Live! Sunshine!!" Unit Aqours Debut Song MV Posted

1st single "Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteirukai?" hits stores October 7

The official website for Love Love! Sunshine!!, a new project from the mega hit franchise Love Live! School Idol Project, opens today with preview videos for three songs from its school idol/voice actress unit Aqours' 1st single "Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteirukai?" The three-song single CD, also containing first messages from the new nine school idols, will be released in Japan on October 7. As reported, the name of the new unit, Aqours (pronounced as aqua) was chosen from 15 candidates by the fan poll conducted in June of this year with a total vote of 23,789.


Aqours members:

 Chika Takami (CV: Inami Anju)

 Riko Sakurauchi (Rikako Aida)

 Kanan Matsuura (Nanaka Suwa)

 Dia Kurosawa (Arisa komiya)

 You Watanabe (Shuka Saito)

 Yoshiko Tsushima (Aika Kobayashi)

 Hanamaru Kunikida (Kanako Takatsuki)

 Mari Ohara (Aina Suzuki)

 Ruby Kurosawa (Ai Furihata)



110-second preview for "Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteirukai?" (Is Your Heart Shining?)



60-second CM



Preview for "Step! ZERO to ONE" and "Aqours☆HEROES"



CD jacket illustration



Main visual




Source: "Love Live! Sunshine!!" offciail website


© Project Love Live! Sunshine!!


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