VIDEO: "The Legend of Legacy" Trailer Reveals Final Main Characters

Demo version announced for September 22 in the Americas

Atlus swooped in with some more news and footage of The Legend of Legacy, which is coming to Nintendo 3DS in the Americas on October 13. Prior to that, though, you'll be able to try it out, because a demo is set to hit the Nintendo eShop on September 22. The demo version will include the prologue and the first two dungeons, and save files will transfer to the full game.


In related news, the final three main characters have been revealed in the latest trailer. One of them is a FROG PRINCE, which is a major selling point, personally.



The official descriptions of each:


A mercenary who excels at combat, he's known for his battle prowess as the "Baron." His attacks are strong and he has a penchant for long swords, axes, and shields. But like Garnet, he doesn't have any affinity to the elementals. 



As an alchemist, Eloise has a...unique pursuit after arriving on Avalon. Her dedication to the alchemical arts combined with her beauty has her searching the mysterious island for the secret to eternal youth. 


You might think of Eloise as being similar to a mage-type character, and you'd be right! She has affinities for ALL the elements, and excels with either bow or staff. 



He's a frog. He has an awesome dance. Do I really need to say more, because I know you're going to pick him first anyways. Well, you should also know that he's the heir to a lost kingdom, and looking to find a home for his people on Avalon! 


Filmia is one of the stronger attackers in the game and excels with spears. You should equip him with a spear (insert frog gig joke here). Also, being a frog, he has a strong bond with the water element. 



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